Festival Internacional de Cine
de Cartagena de Indias – FICCI

Online credentials software

wf-acreditacionesHow can make easier a complex inscription, when you have to ask to many data it depends on the users profile?

It was necessary all the labels (in some cases we question the client about all data), but the distribution and association was the solution for that rude inscription.

Premio Nacional de Periodismo

Online jury and competitor inscriptions.

wf-pnpFor several years , the award received by physical mail the material of the participants. Many cases, thousands of sheets of paper, audio and video cassettes and disks. Now they can upload their work in a simple form to feed a database. And the jury can filter by category the journalistic works for review.

Women’s Link Worldwide

Gender Justice Uncovered Awards. Online cases inscriptions and voting.

Ordinary people can apply legal cases to reward a positive or negative way by the users of the page. The administrator of the site reviews cases postulated to be sent to a jury that can give its verdict on them and reward them well. The results come after a few months published. However all cases are a source of comprehensive consultation with all required documentation.

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